Home Diagnostic Pathology by THYROCARE

Avail the best Diagnostic services at your home. We are the operational franchisee partner for THYROCARE, the apex NABL laboratory of the country. Our team will collect the sample and deliver the report at your doorstep. In addition, we also provide an unique graphical progress report who avails our service in regular basis. Hence, these type of reports with data analysis helps doctors to manage disease most effectively. 

Apex Laboratory service provider of the country Thyrocare is our Diagnostic partner. They got the NABL accredited lab with all modern technologies. Thyrocare provides the supreme quality diagnostic facility at a very low price. Their skilful phlebotomists collect the sample directly from your home. Moreover, we maintain the strict COVID protocol during sample collection at your home. Therefore, these ensures the highest diagnostic quality and better treatment.

In addition,  we also provide special diagnostics service like  Polysomnography ( Sleep Study ) , ECG, EEG, Halter Monitoring and X Ray.

Holter Monitor
X Ray

Advantages of lab test at home


No more waiting time: Patients need to wait long hours to get their lab test at hospitals or clinics. And, patients can get a lab test at a comfortable space even if it is only one test.

Online transaction: As everything is digital today, lab service providers prefer online transactions. It means you don’t need to run away to an ATM to collect your money. Rather, pay bills without stepping out of your home. Therefore, protect your money with the online transaction. Whenever a technician arrives, you just need to handover samples and transfer money within a single click.

Hassle-free process: Getting lab tests at home is as simple as peeling banana. As, it’s a hassle-free process. We book the test in behalf of you. In addition, we will also remind you in proper time when your repeat test is due. 

Hygienic service: No fear of hospital hygiene with a home lab test. As, one need not to travel to provide samples. Also, our technician uses only high quality sterile equipment and consumables.

Cost-effective: We always pass on the price benefits to our regular customer. Therefore, you will always get a lower price than the same in the open market. Moreover, patient also can enjoy the benefit of cash back and discount coupons for family members. 

Convenience:  We collect blood samples at the doorstep. Getting a lab test at your home is the best process to save time and effort. You don’t need to travel for a medical test at a diagnostic center or clinic. We will send the Lab reports to your email or courier to your address. 

Accurate results: We are in relation with the most premium Labs of the country, who are known for their quality of diagnostic & Lab tests. There are all NABL accredited lab who provides best quality assurance & guarantee. 

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