Anti-Decubitus Air Mattress – Nimbus Type

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Mode for periodically redistributing pressure by alternately inflating and deflating cells beneath the user
Mode for equalizing cell pressure to redistribute body weight over a greater surface area
230 V pump
Audio/ visual alarms, including a low-pressure alarm, a power fail alarm and a pump fault alarm
Removable vapour permeable and water-resistant top cover with two-way stretch
Capacity: 135kg
Dimension in cm: 85x195x13


Nimbus Air Mattress is the most advance type medical mattress for aggressive bed sore management. Therefore, this is the best alternative to the conventional bubble mattress.

Why Use an Air Mattress?

Bedsore becomes very complicated to manage, if it doesn’t come to early notification of the caregiver. Therefore, clinicians are always focuses on bedsore management with top priority.

An Nimbus air mattress prevents and treats pressure wounds or bed sores. It is comprises of multiple inflatable air tubes. These tubes alternately inflate and deflate, imitating the movement of a patient shifting in bed. This movement of the mattress releases pressure from under the body of the patient, particularly in parts with less padding, like hips, shoulders, elbows, and heels. Therefore, air mattress ensures proper air circulation, prevention, management, and treatment of the occurrence of pressure wounds.

Air Mattress are available on rent basis. We do deliver and install this mattress along with other associated products & services at your doorstep.

Benefits Of Using Hospital Bed Air Mattress

When any of your loved ones are dealing with medical issues, your priority is to ensure their comfort. This is where the hospital bed air mattress comes into role. Experts suggest these uniquely designed mattresses to patients for the utmost comfort and quick recovery. A few benefits of these products are:

  • Improved Blood Circulation: As the patient moves on the mattress, the pressure points keep on alternating. This further assists in enhancing the blood circulation of the patient’s body. They also feel fresh while sleeping on the mattress due to the changing pressure points. Therefore, they obtain more sound sleep on the bed.
  • Alternate Pressure Points: Patients who spend extended hours on their beds are prone to develop problems like bed sores and pressure ulcers. This happens due to continuous pressure on specific points of their body. However, the problem can be avoided with air mattress for bed sores because of their alternating pressure point feature.
  • Low-Air Loss Technology: Hot surfaces can be challenging to sleep on. That is why an air mattress for a hospital bed is incorporated with a low-air loss technology. Under this, numerous small holes are provided on the mattress. These holes let a small amount of air leak and keep the surface cool for sleeping.
  • Convenience: Mattresses used for patients require frequent cleaning and maintenance. If you opt for a regular heavy mattress for this purpose, this task will become hectic. But there is no such problem with medical air mattress as they are lightweight and easy to maintain. So neither the patient nor the caregiver will have any issue.

Nimbus Type Air Mattress are ideal for managing more advance and aggressive bed sore. For early stage bed sore management or for preventive care, Bubble Type Air mattress will be more useful and cost effective, in general. Consult with our care manager for best guidance.

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Nimbus Air Mattress

Anti-Decubitus Air Mattress - Nimbus Type