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My Home Health is delivering comprehensive & affordable Homecare & Palliative Care services in Kolkata

My Home Health is dedicated to provide quality & personalized home healthcare & Palliative Care services at the home. With the experienced team of caregiver My Home Health stands out among other  home health aide agencies. 

To age is to live!

With the advancement of Medical Technology, the life expectancy has been increased may fold. Therefore, people are living longer than ever. But, the extra years we get from today’s longer life expectancies, aren’t in our 30s or 40s !! Practically, longer life expectancies are too often accompanied by medical conditions that require some form of day-to-day care. Surprisingly, one vibrant individuals who simply want to live independently often no longer can without occasional or, in some cases, round the clock care.

That’s where we come in. Additionally, we’re adding pleasure and comfort in lives of people through our extensive Home Healthcare services.

Our service ranges are inclusive of different Medical Equipment & Support Staff. Moreover, we developed an online platform to maintain continuous connection with our patients. Therefore, our patients at home are always under clinical supervision by our expert team. This provides not only provide required medical support. But also, it gives immense peace of mind to the care giver.

The Home Healthcare services we provide can help you or your loved one remain at home and avail comprehensive medical & non-medical support. Caring is more than our business.  Moreover it’s our mission. Therefore the caregivers in our team are meticulously selected, strive to be further educated about caring for you & bonded. Hence, whenever you find the need of medical support & service at home, we are just here waiting for you. 





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Our Journey​

January 2004
Launched Home Medical Service in Kolkata
May 2015
Achieved first 100 patient mark
December 2017
Launched the first Health Store at Dumdum
February 2019
Achieved first 500 patient mark
September 2020
First to launch COVID Telemedicine support in Kolkata

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